As an international manager of the Style Coaching Institute® and VP of Members Communications at the International Association of Style Coaches™, I have had the pleasure of following Lizi’s journey from studying Style Coaching™ as a student in the USA, right through to her graduation, and consequently through her career as a fully-fledged Style Coach™.

During this time, I have found myself increasingly impressed with Lizi’s professional skills and knowledge, not to mention her admirable personal traits such as wonderful morals and ethics. I have always known Lizi to be a model of professionalism in everything she does, and one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met.

Her understanding of coaching has always been outstanding with an excellent grasp of interpersonal skills, and she is able to seamlessly integrate these skills into the process of Style Coaching™. I recall from her studies that Lizi showed wonderful observation abilities, including being able to interpret non-verbal communication cues with great insight. Lizi stood out for me in her ability to learn a new concept and then almost immediately be able to apply the knowledge in a real-life situation. She has a great understanding of a wide range of tools for facilitating personal growth and personal change.

On a personal note, Lizi is a wonderfully encouraging individual, who is nurturing, sensitive, supportive, generous, selfless, trustworthy and capable. In addition to her coaching abilities, I have been equally impressed with Lizi’s ability to shine a light of positivity on every situation. She is a special person, who I have come to see as an ‘earth-angel’ – a rare person who anyone would be lucky to meet!

You can rest assured that if you work with Lizi, you will be in safe hands. Her genuine inherent goodness, her commitment to professionalism and her dedication to other people combine to make her an outstanding Style Coach™ and a truly wonderful person (inside and out!)

Having followed the professional training of over 750 Style Coaches™ throughout 49 countries, I can honestly say that Lizi is one of those rare individuals who, if you meet once, you will remember for a lifetime. If you get the chance to work with Lizi, take the opportunity with both hands and don’t hesitate for a moment.

It is an honour for me to give this recommendation, as it comes from the bottom of my heart. I am happy to talk with anyone about my experiences with Lizi. If you wish to contact me, my email address is I hope to hear from you!

~ Kate Cutting

If you are looking for a Personal Empowerment coach who can laser-in on the “specifics” you must make to become truly empowered, Lizi Gorostiza is the coach for you. Lizi is a no-nonsense yet wildly-loveable woman, who breaks down the most challenging situations into simple steps to help her clients reach their goals.

She was our very first graduate at The S.W.A.T. Institute–not because she started first but because she was powerfully focused and determined to make her own dreams come true. She moved through this intensive coaching program with ease and grace, and I guarantee she can help you do the same things in your own life!

~ Crystal Andrus, Founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute

Coaching with Lizi was truly a life-changing experience. I was in the process of changing careers and was waiting until “the right time” to make the leap. Lizi helped me see that I already have all the skills and tools I need to move forward. She challenged my thinking as to why I felt I couldn’t move forward and helped me eliminate all the excuses which allowed me to see past my self-doubt. I felt empowered and was able to immediately take action without any fear or doubt. Lizi makes you feel strong and confident, has a fun personality and is very easy to talk with. Working with Lizi was a pivotal stepping stone in my life.

~ Shelby, Highest Peaks Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching

 Lizi became my Mentoring Coach as I was starting out in the SWAT program. When we began I was stuck and couldn’t seem to get started on my classes, on our first call Lizi helped me figure out it wasn’t the actual assignments that were holding me back it was other things that were going on in my life at the time. Lizi gave me some suggestions on things to help get me better organized and some things to work on within myself. In the short time I worked with Lizi she was able to help me see and understand the chaos that was going on within myself and that I was living in and helped me take the steps to clear my head and change my surroundings. Lizi was very understanding and used some of her own experiences and insight to help me make the changes that were necessary to get my life back on track.  I really enjoyed working with Lizi and she continues to inspire me with what she has accomplished and the work she continues to do.


After just one session with Elizabeth I felt like all my worries and problems shrunk or diminished. She had really put things into prospective for me and was very in tune and insightful with my situations. (Yes, i have more than one!) She is a strong and yet gentle soul who guides me through my life’s path. When I slip – I know she will be there to gracefully pull me back on track! I love her follow up emails and the amazing “homework” recommendations that she has to offer. My energy shifts and my soul feels like it’s finally at the forefront and my ego subsides. It’s an amazing, light and fulfilling feeling knowing that I am enough!”

Lizi – Thank you so much for all the light you have shined before me. I am definitely keeping you as my empowerment life coach for life! With love and gratitude – always!

~ Basia Porczyk

When I started coaching with Lizi I had just given birth to my little girl, and was not working for the first time in my life. I felt extremely disoriented & confused as to what I was supposed to do next. Lizi helped to see my full potential and get “unstuck”. She quickly got me into action, helped me with my resume and mentally prepared me to get back out into the workforce. She coached me into finding my true calling which is “nursing” and not medical assisting and even helped me research schools. She really went above and beyond just coaching; she was a real friend and cheerleader in my corner. I ended up being rehired in my old job in a Doctor’s office as a checkout girl. Lizi was able to see that I was capable of so much more, even though I did not believe in myself and she mentored me until I was actually hired a few months later as the Office Manager of two medical offices. I am now living a life I really only dreamed of as soon as I get used to my new responsibilities as Office Manager I will go back to school to pursue my dreams. Lizi has “laser vision” and can see beyond your self-imposed limitations, her greatest gift is her generosity and genuine love and desire to see you succeed!

~ Ivette